Ashway releases its first devotional

Ashway Books
"Child of My Heart" $9.99 Updated "Journey with Jay" $10 "Bible Bits," $10

Our latest release is "Bible Bits" which is our first devotional. Donna Evans serves as a true spiritual guide as she couples scripture with powerful true stories that refresh and comfort.

"Child of My Heart" celebrates adoption. It teaches that we are all truly adopted into God's family by Jesus, our brother. It is a very special book as it is dedicated to the memory of Maria Sue Chapman, who is the daughter of Christian singer/songwriter, Steven Curtis Chapman and Mary Beth Chapman.

"Giving Me Away" was the first children's release for Ashway Press and is truly a special little book. Through the eyes of Holden, we all see how one can truly be a blessing to others by practicing the lost concept of selflessness. Holden doesn't want trendy toys like IPods and cell phones...he just wants to invest himself into the lives of others. This book is a "call to all" to begin living a life that is more about GIVING than TAKING. Find the hidden Christian symbols within the pages of "Giving Me Away"; it's like a treasure hunt! Not only is this colorfully illustrated book a treat to read, but it is also a tutorial to reteach the forgotten symbols embedded in our rich heritage from the early church.

"How Far is Heaven?" is a unique, well-designed children's book that equips parents to reassure their children about heaven in terms they can understand. It is a delight to read and a great addition to any child's library. It also has hidden Christian symbols throughout the book and a "key" to their location and meaning at the end of the book. It is a great companion to "Giving Me Away."

For adults, our very first book is a treasure. "Journey with Jay" was released in 2000 and has touched many hearts since its release. It is the true miraculous healing story of Jay Basselin. But more importantly, it drives home the point that you don't have to be "fixed" or "perfect" in order to have value to others. In a world that demands perfection, "Journey with Jay" is a breath of fresh air, and a great read for anyone. Get your copy of the undated and revised edition which includes ten new chapters and updates on Jay and his family. A book on miracles and hope will make a great Christmas present for a time of great hardship and duress. For those that read the first edition, be prepared for a brand new read. It would be a great gift for that hard-to-buy for loved one!