4 Brad & Brooke Franklin - More angels: Brad & Brooke
Brad & Brooke Franklin

More angels: Brad & Brooke
Brother and sister who touched our lives:

Do you ever wonder if there are truly angels on earth? There are those who profoundly touch our lives, and we are never the same. Brad and Brooke Franklin, beloved brother and sister, inseparable in life and death, continue to leave their mark on each of us. Parents, Jack and Darlene Franklin, had just begun to emerge from the nightmarish haze of losing their twenty-year-old son in a fatal car accident, when 18 months later, the unthinkable happened; their precious seventeen-year-old daughter, Brooke, lost control of her vehicle on the same curvy stretch of highway and met big brother Brad at Heaven's gate. Brooke had just completed an essay in which she was quoted as saying: "God gives us a short amount of time on this earth and I do not think we should waste it." Shortly thereafter, she was in Jesus' arms with Brad at her side. Jack and Darlene Franklin have shared their children with Ashway Press, and we are thankful for their generosity in doing so. May Brad and Brooke know the joy that only heaven can offer!

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