Ashway Press is one mom's dream to impact the next generation for good. It began from a desire to create and produce quality, affordable books that change people's hearts. We strive to utilize our time, energy, and resources in an obedient manner and wait for God's anointing on our efforts.

We donate our books to children in need: particularly the grief-stricken and terminally ill kids. Our latest recipients are the orphans in Sasha's Home, in Gorlovka, Ukraine. I was blessed to meet Sister Barnes, the founder of Sasha's Home, who is better known for her famous Sister Schubert rolls. Sister's children are young orphans who have been abandoned. Sister assured me that our books would help these children learn English, and also reinforce the concept of God's unfailing love. We are grateful for moms like Sister Barnes: those who are committed to using what God has given them for the betterment of others less fortunate.

If you know of other groups who may benefit from our books, please give us suggestions for donation sites.